Seriously, people??

Pet Peeve #198-B: idiot drivers who fail to give the right-of-way to Emergency Vehicles.

Are you so consumed by your inflated sense of Self Worth that you refuse to yield the intersection to a Fire truck that is probably on its way to put out a grease fire at yo’ mama’s house? Fool. I have two suggestions for easing this problem: the first is very sensible: police follow behind (I guess that is actually what “following” is…to be behind ) every vehicle that has its emergency lights flashing, horn blasting, siren blaring and issue IMMEDIATE JAIL SENTENCES to these total Hyenas from Hell who are endangering not just their lives (that would be a positive outcome, a simple case of Darwin’s Theory in practice = weeding out the gene pool of negative traits), but they are risking the lives of the very people who are on their way to SAVE LIVES. While these inconsiderate idiots are in solitary confinement, we could then confiscate their vehicles. Said vehicles would be given to single mothers who would no longer need to take four different buses to their place of employment. Complete Win-Win for society.

Now, if this is not feasible, and I certainly do not see where the problem prohibiting this lies, then we should all be issued ray guns. That way we might evaporate these selfish slimy scumbags at will. There would not even be a nasty residue left behind. The ray gun would zap and then  –POOF!–  these dastardly devils would be no more. I don’t even want to risk inhaling evaporation dust. When I say nothing, I mean nothing to indicate they ever existed. Totally serious.

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