What day is it?!!

Excuse me, but did you realize that today is the FIRST DAY OF THE LAST MONTH OF 2016?

Whaaaaaaat? When did this happen>>> where did some of the other months go? I don’t know about you, but I can’t recall February or September: I think we got gypped. There is no possible way that we went through eleven separate months already. No way. Unless I was asleep at the wheel. Or, I’m telling you; Some Evil Entity stole a couple months out of our lives! This is a catastrophe. I, for one, am not ready to concede that a new month begins today. Yes, this was a doozy of a year, but I am not yet prepared to write my Holiday Letter. I demand a recount of months that we can actually recall having experienced. This year was riggedI know I haven’t been a great housecleaner since we moved, so perhaps the missing months are still boxed up and out in the garage. Or stuck under our bed with the amazingly large dust bunnies. I’ll be right back, because I need to suss this situation out or I am going to panic because the only other option is that the Russians hacked our calendar.



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