don’t “gift” me with coupons, Retailers!

Does anyone else feel ripped off by emailed “presents” from favorite retailers that go something like this: “Happy Birthday! Here is a 15% off coupon” or “Happy Holidays, you can take $20 off a $100 purchase!” My favorite was a restaurant honoring my anniversary: “Buy One, Get One main course”. Woo Hoo!! Their generosity is truly overwhelming. Don’t they get it? If you had told me that dinner was on the house …what would I do? Show up alone? I don’t think so. It’s my ANNIVERSARY. I would bring my husband. Same outcome, just phrased a little better.

What kind of sick marketing is all this?? And I was just about to succumb to the $20 off a $50 make-up purchase [hey!! you can’t throw away free money!] when I realized I didn’t WANT to spend $50. I needed something that cost $20 but was being forced to spend more, WHICH OF COURSE IS THEIR EVIL ULTERIOR MOTIVE. Instead, I bought n-o-t-h-i-n-g. I give them plenty of business. They can take their lousy $20 and … go buy some Starbucks on me.

Keep your crappy coupons. A gift should be a REAL GIFT. FREEBIES FOR ALL!!!

5 thoughts on “don’t “gift” me with coupons, Retailers!

  1. bonnie libman says:

    yea…but if you buy $50 of food..they will take off $20..then it will cost $30 for a $50 meal….lol…see you tomorrow…


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