By George, I did it. I spent two weeks –OVER two weeks– without logging onto Facebook or reading all the fascinating, funny and/or forlorn blog entries that come across my inbox everyday. Was it easy? No, sir, it was not. Nope, not at all. It was very lonely. I feel as though I had been a castaway on a deserted island with NO WIFI. Thank goodness I was rescued!! How did I possibly survive? There is a gaping hole in my soul after missing all those adorable kitty/puppy/baby videos. How will I ever catch up on Life?  I don’t know where you went on your vacation or whose great aunt landed in the hospital. I failed to wish near-strangers a happy birthday. I did not get to view the photos of what you and your friends ate at that fancy new restaurant (ahem, without me!!), nor did I have the opportunity to admire your latest selfie. Ewwww! I have become some kind of Social Reject.

But surely I jest, and I do. Social Media is an incredible way to unite the Planet. Now, more than ever, I firmly believe in email, texting, messaging, blogging,  Facebook; we need to be connected to the world around us, and not just by watching FOX News. [was that a joke?] Facebook, in particular, easily  enables reunions and daily contact with old and new friends. We now can be alerted to world events the millisecond after they have occurred, and set up a Fund to help. We are more than casual Observers of our world: we are Instigators for Good. But, sadly, there are also those who are Instigators for Evil.

Social media can be abused, and I understand that the folks at FB are constantly seeking better ways to monitor and remove the monsters. Social media can be a powerful tool or it can be utilized by Powerful Tools. (fyi: “tool” is American slang for “an offensive comment, mainly aimed towards the male of the species, when one is being particularly nasty, stupid, or facetious”, per urbandictionary.com). 

I now have a much better appreciation of Social Media, and an understanding that it is there to enhance my life — not rule it. I will limit my laptop time, but — whoops, gotta go! My husband wants to show me this vid on FB of an adorable doggie in a cute hat.

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