I resolve to lie to myself…

Yeesh. New Year’s resolutions…. I hate to lie to myself.

I resolve to stop snacking after dinner (lie! that’s the best time of day for chocolate).

I resolve to keep a spotless home (lie! who wants to live in a home that feels like it doesn’t want actual people to actually live in it?! Messiness is good for the soul. Actually. And that must be the Word of The Day: Actually)

I resolve to learn how to blog like a pro (that’s doable, just need to actually read “Blogging for Dummies”) … ok, that takes me to the next one:

I resolve to actually read “Blogging for Dummies” (lie! I hate reading instructions. Why do I keep purchasing  How-to books and manuals = subconsciously I want to support our economy?)

I resolve to learn how to play the harmonica. (Yes!! My son & his fiancee gifted me with a harmonica, accompanied with written instructions AND a CD that reads them to you.)  Alright!! The harmonica was an inside joke. Once upon a time, I was gifted with one by my parents, per my request, so that I might join a rock band.

I resolve to join a Rock Band as lead harmonica. (We shall see.)

I resolve to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! (finally! a resolution that I can actually keep) I hope that your new year is bright and shiny with purpose and good surprises. xoxo

6 thoughts on “I resolve to lie to myself…

  1. gc says:

    Why not treat these items as a “bucket list” which lacks a predetermined date for completion. This will help you to psychologically forgive yourself for not completing the list with a 365 day span of time. Gets you off the hook of guilt and frustration. 🙂

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    • gc says:

      There ya go! Delay the harmonica lessons and later on when you successfully completed them you can toot your own horn about the accomplishment. A win-win situation for one and all. 🙂

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  2. gc says:

    I knew you’d like that strategy. Your stress level will be lowered and you will be able to focus better on playing the instrument. Stress can make or break a person. Just remember to take a deep breath and let the music flow ! :)You can do this when you are ready.

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  3. gc says:

    Use the force . Don’t try. Do. Some day you may give a solo performance at Carnegie Hall. Send me a ticket for front row center when that happens. 🙂


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