Missed me?

I missed you, oh Blog of Mine. I missed the feeling that I was sharing secrets with you, that you were the only one in the whole wide world who truly understood me. It is so nice to be back. My experiment showed me that, while I can get along without FB, I can never give up email! There is something that is soul-satisfying about hitting that DELETE button on a particularly annoying, unwanted advertisement-disguised as Important News. And don’t get me started on the ecstasy of being able to DELETE FOREVER? nasty, scummy spam, although I wish that I could send them to some sort of  purgatory. I don’t like predators. And it absolutely destroys me to think that some gullible person opened a piece of spam and unleashed Pandora’s Box.

Sometimes I have to scan over 50 new emails, only to discover that not one of them is personal, from a human to a human. That can get depressing, just a bit. So, I write someone a quick note, just to get a response. (Plus, I still run to the mailbox 20 times a day to check it, even though I know delivery isn’t until five in the afternoon. I love snail mail, too. Especially if there is a package. I do a whole lotta online shopping. Everyday is my birthday!)

Aw, did you just say “Welcome Back?”. Thank you! I missed you, too. 🙂

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