It’s NOT the end of the world as we know it

Rudeness is rampant! Fear is on every street corner like those bums who try to hit you up for spare change. Democrats boycotted the Inauguration, which, come to think of it, seems only fair since Republicans boycotted respect [R-E-S-P-E-C-T] for former President Obama during most of his State of the Nation speeches. Those rude boys just sat on their big fat rumps and refused to stand during ovations. They didn’t have to applaud: but they did need to stand up in respect for the office.

Trump snubbed Hillary on his walk to the podium … didn’t even acknowledge her! no handshake, no nothing. That is the definition of “rude”. You can check Webster’s.

Our citizens are rioting in the streets. Stop it right now. The election is over. We now have a new president. This is not some third world nation where coups are a matter of fact after every election. We have class. America is already Great. Everybody, please calm  the **** down and go grab a cold brew. It’s the WEEKEND, for goodness sakes. Save it for Monday, when everyone is already cranky.

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