today i am channeling e.e.cummings’ disdain of capital letters and simultaneously participating in wordpress’s daily word challenge: use the word “simple” for inspiration. here we go. warning: gross exaggerations and complete fabrications to follow.

oftentimes, i simply forget my place in life. i think that it is my duty to inform the grocery shopper in front of me how to determine if they belong in this line, “it’s quite simple: simply count your items and if they exceed 10 (why, look: you have 27 items) then you move your cart out of the express lane and over to another lane. you see how simple that is?” other times, it would be more simple to ignore their selfish act … or, in my deepest dreams, i throttle the idiot and stuff their body into their shopping cart and complain, “look! this is simply unacceptable: they have 28 items! someone call the manager.”

or perhaps i am trying to pay attention to my husband’s explanation of a tax law; it simply cannot be done. my brain puts up a force-field and if new information cannot be whittled down to its most basic, simple component, then i am hard-wired to fall asleep.

my needs are simple: chocolate, cuddles, and something to write with/about/for, and to hell with dangling participles. yes, it is that simple.



6 thoughts on “simple

  1. you did the tag right, the only thing is you need to place it in the html (coding) tap so it would show up in visual as the daily prompt word.. is that what you were referring to? hope this helps

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