Criticize yourself!

I was out walking the dog, one beautiful sunny day. I began to form a great big smile as the cutest sight approached me. It was a father and son, on a bicycle ride. The dad was on his great big racing bike with all of its fancy gears; the little boy was on his tiny two wheeler that may or may not have sported training wheels. The father was criticizing his young son. “Come on, T.J. You have to stay with me or you will get lost. Let’s move it.”

My anger flared up, but I quickly swallowed it down. I didn’t want to make the situation worse for little T.J. who was bright red and sweaty, as his little legs pumped up and down on his brilliant blue bike.

“Hey, you idiot!” is what I wanted to say to his father. “You moron! Look how many times T.J. has to spin his tiny wheels for each time that you spin your wheels once. He is working three times as hard as you are, you big fat jerk.” Yes. That is what I wanted to say, but instead this is what came out of my mouth.

“Go, little man! Someday you’ll have a big bike like your daddy’s and you’ll have gears and fancy stuff, and then you can beat him! Go, T.J., go!” I cheered him on, and felt my heart break as his self-centered father didn’t get the too-subtle message. He just yelled at T.J. to catch up. But T.J. heard me, and he managed a small smile as he passed by.

via Daily Prompt: Criticize

4 thoughts on “Criticize yourself!

  1. Ah that’s heart breaking. I want to rescue TJ and play Lego with him.
    That wretched tosspot sounds like my father. Impatient with my progress, he put me on a new bike and ran me down a black gravel path and let go. I had that gravel in my arm well into my thirties. The infection was the worst – it hung on for years.
    I gained my super powers that day. But that’s all I’m going to say about that.
    I guess some parents are threatened by their children and have to take little pot shots at them constantly to top up their dwindling sense of security. I think it was the great philosopher Keanu Reeves who gave the following lecture about it:


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