Don’t give me a dirty look b/c your dog is a jerk


We own a very sweet-tempered dog. She is a mix of Australian Shepard/ Catahoula Leopard hound, which is fancy talk for “very pretty dog with interesting markings.” When I walk her, she is non aggressive and totally ignores other dogs. She likes people better, because they pet her and make a fuss over her. Her name is Cali.

I don’t know what it is about Cali, but her mere presence is enough to drive some dogs insane with rage. The owners always assure me that their dog is gentle, but one sniff of my dog and the other dog just becomes completely deranged and screams (not an actual scream, but it is something beyond normal barking) and totally transforms into a monster. Now here is the interesting part. Instead of apologizing for their little Woofy trying to kill my dog, they give us a dirty look! It becomes MY dog’s fault that they cannot control their beast. We have watched as a team of yip-yappers totally roped their owner’s legs in a tangle of leashes; another dog pulled so violently on its leash that it knocked over their little girl who began to cry; and another dog turned Jekyll & Hyde within milliseconds, baring its fangs as it jumped poor, oblivious Cali. But do these dog owners apologize? No! They give me the stink eye and mutter something about my dog. Yes, my dog … the one that is busy sniffing at a pile of leaves and completely ignoring their dog and its tantrum.

Stop it. Stop it right now, I say. Acknowledge that your dog is being a complete jerk for no apparent reason. And then, go enroll in Dog Training School.


5 thoughts on “Don’t give me a dirty look b/c your dog is a jerk

  1. I observed this phenomenon when walking my sister’s little Lhasa Apso in the park. All these dogs off leashes going postal on her. All the owners pulling condescending faces like I’m overreacting because their dog is “harmless” and I’m like “But your dog is actually harming my dog ergo sum thous art a TWAT!”. I dunno – why are there so many ass hats on this little rock. Life would be so cool without them stinking it up.
    And that’s my cue to qalk the little darling right now cos she’s with me today too.

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    • Ha ha – if the ass hat fits!
      The typos slay me when I re-read the comment though – qalk? Really.
      I do like these little mutts. But one thing I will never be comfortable with is picking up their doings. That is just wrong. I feel such a pillock doing that. She picks the sweetest spots as well – on the corner of a busy intersection. Wicked dog calculus at work there to maximise humiliation to the owner. And the things they stop and put their faces in Oh my GOD. It’s not right.


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