My Hispanic Angels

Some people are born with certain skill sets. They have an ear for learning new languages, or are musical, or athletic. I was born with the ability to get hopelessly lost no matter how detailed the set of directions. It’s in my family gene pool.

One evening, I needed to drive a mere 29 miles from suburbia to dinner in Miami Beach, Florida. I don’t know what went wrong, but I somehow exited the highway and landed in an area where English was a foreign language. Every billboard, every sign was in Spanish. I located a gas station to ask for help. Neither the manager nor I had any command of the other’s language. I watched as he walked over to two cars of women filling up their gas tanks. They began talking about me, I surmised, because he kept pointing at me and saying, “oh Dios mio”. I knew then that I was in trouble.

The women left their cars to gather around me. I was so relieved to hear English, until I understood their message: “You are not safe here.” “Do not look at that truck with the smiling men. Do not look at them!!” “Bad men are all around here.” The leader said to me, “We are worried for you. Get in your car. We will take you to the highway.” I was amazed at their kindness, but they shrugged that women should always help each other. Then, we formed a caravan with one car leading me and one car following. They were not taking any chances of me getting lost again. Ahead was the entrance to the highway. They pointed and honked and waved, and made certain that I was safely on my way.

Mis ángeles hispanos. My Hispanic Angels. Thank you for taking care of this directionally-handicapped lady, otherwise, I would still be lost today.

8 thoughts on “My Hispanic Angels

  1. Christ – that just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. Thank god those angels were there. I wish there were more people like that. It’s a horrible sensation suddenly realising you’re on your own in a place like that.Sudden thoughts race through your head like “How did I not see this coming”, or “I wish I’d done those karate lessons instead of just talking about them”, or “If you just get me out of this I swear I’ll start going to church”.
    Also, the difference between someone from the US and someone from the UK:
    “I needed to drive a mere 29 miles”
    That’s like an expedition. It requires planning and cryo sleep and everything.

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    • Oh, dear!! I know it was scary, but I didn’t mean to completely trash Miami! Pitbull [the rapper who is paid, like, a zillion dollars, to “represent” Miami] is going to send someone to PAY ME A VISIT, if you know what I mean!!!! Mr. Pitbull: Me encanta miami!! [I’m telling him that I love Miami]

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      • It didn’t read like you were trashing Miami to me at all. Lots of cities around the world have areas like that, where the demographic leans one way and others aren’t always welcome. It’s just a fact. So if you’re serious then I dunno what his problem is.


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