My Stupid Necklace

If you have never submitted to The Silver Birch Press, I strongly advise you to check them out. Each month they issue a writing prompt for 300 words or less of your special talents, prose or poetry. They don’t accept everything you submit, but are very encouraging so keep at it until you find that magical combination of words and phrases that the Editor agrees will fit the theme.

This month’s theme is “Lost and Found” and it took me several attempts to get it right. I now have the satisfaction of giving you the link to my story, cheerfully titled, “My Stupid Necklace”. I would love to see you published in The Silver Birch Press, too.

11 thoughts on “My Stupid Necklace

  1. Cindy says:

    Great story I so understand. When my son went to college, he was worried how I would get to work. As a fairly independent and resourceful woman, I didn’t understand. He said, “Mom, every morning you ask me ‘Where are your keys and purse?” He was concerted because he wouldn’t be there to find them.

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  2. My mother would always very unhelpfully say, “It’s in the last place you saw it.” My worst is looking for my glasses when I am wearing them already. Congratulations on the piece. I had never heard of the site and I enjoyed visiting it.

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