This is only a Test

I am about to test out the Daily Post word prompt, and see how it goes.

“PANICKED”. This is the word prompt of the day. “PANICKED”.

Can you please use it in a sentence?

I know panic quite well; we are on very intimate terms. I can panic at the drop of a hat, in fact, I most likely panicked BECAUSE I dropped my hat. And the wind picked it up and began to blow it away and every time I bent over to pick up said hat, the wind would blow it further away. This caused me great personal embarrassment and I panicked that I looked ridiculous. To whom? The squirrel in the tree? There is no one out here except for me, and the squirrel who has jumped into its nest because he is frightened by my ridiculous panic attack. Screw the hat. I didn’t like it anyway.

14 thoughts on “This is only a Test

  1. Screw all the hats! They make up 3/4 of hate. Burn them all!

    Apart from the tricorn hat which I like to wear while driving my car to pretend I’m an old fashioned carriage chauffeur. When I whip the engine, shouting “YAHHHH, YAHHHHH!”, you should see the people looking on in admiration, secretly wishing they were me.

    What the hell is this prompt of the day business. I keep hearing references to it. Where does it come from? Aliens? Be careful Susan,m they’re after your brains I imagine.


      • “…HARD CASH…”?? Charlatan! i like the sound of that word, but am not certain that I have used it correctly, you’re not “a boastful unscrupulous pretender”. You’re a Gentleman with a Potty Mouth.

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      • How dare you?!
        I’m no gentleman!
        Nice try though. I salute your courage.
        From now on you will be known among my tribe as Stabs with Words

        I like the word charlatan too. It’s phonetically sexy, like Saskatchewan and majolica and trombone.
        Actually that definition of charlatan is almost me. I don’t think I’m unscrupulous though. Assuming scrupulous means someone who lives trifle. And I’m pretty sure it does. So as Meatloaf said – Now don’t be sad, cos 2 out of 3 aint bad!

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